Meet The

Our first frame to feature seamless wood structure both on the sides and front. This is accomplished using our state of the art stainless steel sub frame. This frame features a floating design while utilizing layered wood, spring hinges, and nylon polarized lensing that make them Johnny Fly.

The Johnny Fly

Technology meets Style

Johnny Fly has always been known for our high quality, polarized lenses. But, we are taking it a step further. As of now, Johnny Fly frames will now feature the latest in sunglass lens technology: Enter Nylon…

Nylon lenses are light, flexible, resistant, BPA Free, and guarantee 70% better optical quality than what you see from most lenses on the market. Not only that, but nylon lenses sensibly reduces the impact of production compared to other lenses which in return, reduces our carbon footprint.

This is one of our favorite features in our eyewear, and makes our frames the one of the most comfortable on the market.

This technology allows for your frame to hug you comfortably, without squeezing too tightly, or loosing shape after wearing them up on your head. Flex your glasses however you need and watch them take back to their original perfect fit.