We're planting FIVE Trees with Every order this Earth Week

Learn more about what we're doing:

Johnny Fly Co. has partnered with One Tree Planted to to help the process of Global Reforestation.  We are honored to work with such a great team that is doing so much to make our planet a better place for not only us, but our future generations.
 We will be planting a TREE for every order made.
"Planting trees is one of the best things you can do for the environment." says One Tree Planted, a completely non-profit organization started in Shelburne, Vermont in 2014 by Matt Hill.


Why are trees so important?

Well, they have more impact than you probably imagine! Trees help keep our air clean and our water clean. On top of those two VERY important things, trees also help take away carbon from the atmosphere, and they provide a HUGE social impact on our society.

"Over the past decade, America has done an amazing job replanting its disappearing forests. Despite 90% of the United States’ original forests having been
destroyed, the country has actually seen an increase in its total forest cover. While deforestation continues to exist throughout the nation, they have been very good at replanting those trees. American forests are home to over 33,000 plant and animal species, and we rely on them for over 2.5 million jobs, amounting to $102 billion of our GDP."


However, our forests still need your help! Which is why we have chosen to partner with One Tree Planted, to do what we can in the process of reforestation!