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"Sunglasses are something I truly believe can change the way you feel about yourself. You could be having the worst hair day, or you just aren't feeling confident in your outfit. But something about putting on a great pair of sunglasses will instill a feeling of confidence. It will make you feel better about yourself, about your day, about whatever you having going on in life. We all need that boost sometimes."

- John Freeman, Founder

Humble beginnings V1

John Freeman founded Johnny Fly on his dining room table as a simple hobby over a decade ago, but soon that hobby would become a passion project that became the brand you know today. John set out to create eyewear using alternative materials with a touch of nature. The result? Super comfortable frames that feature the latest technology with a focus on innovation and style. Johnny Fly began online and within the first few years grew an international customer base, their sunglasses were literally “flying” all over the world. In 2017, a major dream came true! John and the team opened their flagship store in Johnny Fly’s hometown of Charlotte, located in the vibrant, artistic neighborhood of NODA.  The store has been a pillar of the company, allowing a space for people to get the full Johnny Fly experience, where customers can connect with each other and get to know the faces behind the brand.  But, don't worry if you can’t make it to the Flagship Store, you can find Johnny Fly at pop-ups in cities all over the country!

Johnny Fly
Johnny Fly

more than just a brand...

... we're a family. Our team and customers have come together to establish Johnny Fly as a community of like-minded creatives. People that share a passion for quality craftsmanship and ethical production.

At Johnny Fly, we believe that every product tells a story. That is why we're committed to creating pieces that are not only stylish, but meaningful.

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